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virtual reality infographic

Have you thought about if it is time to invest in virtual reality (VR) production or the advantages and disadvantages of it? I will start saying that big companies such as Google, Sony, HTC, and Microsoft have made a big effort decreasing the price of VR mobile and gaming devices, and in addition, improving their quality in their technical specs and physical appearance to look more...

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photograph price

Have you ever wondered the right price of a photography project for your business or how much you should pay for a single photo -despite how big your company is-? Well, you will find different prices from the cheapest to the most expensive one which most of us cannot afford, or at least are out of the range for me. It is so amazing how...

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camera video_content

Have you ever wondered what is the right price for video content production or how much you should pay for one video -despite how big your company is-? That is a freaky question because most of the professionals will answer: “it depends on _____”, so, I decided to do a deep research to generalize what people actually should pay for a video production job. First, under the premise...

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