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Defining a strategy to take advantage of the growing opportunities for Digital Marketing is the first thing business, companies and organizations have done to achieve their goals. So, how should we start? Firstly, it is quite important to know the meaning of Digital Marketing Strategy. (Read also: video marketing is The Key) Assuming some readers still do not know, we can briefly say that it is...

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photograph price

Have you ever wondered the right price of a photography project for your business or how much you should pay for a single photo -despite how big your company is-? Well, you will find different prices from the cheapest to the most expensive one which most of us cannot afford, or at least are out of the range for me. It is so amazing how...

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video production and marketing with original content creation

Video testimonials are one of the most effective tactics to influence prospects or potential customers to buy or get a service or product. In one of my recent blog entries (Video marketing is The Key in 2017), one of our readers commented “It seems like any time I'm looking for information about a company or product these days, I turn to YouTube before anything else. There's...

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video production, video marketing

Youtube has become the most popular video online platform and has helped to spread videos around the world, some of them become a viral –whether are bad, good, sad, happy (whatever you want to classified them), for example “Sad Affleck” or “Grumpy sister” -, others are lost and some are still unknown, but still have the opportunity to be a viral video.   A short video may...

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CoFoundr video production

Everybody has heard about millennials, but did you know that nowadays they are the biggest video online consumers and that you can use video as a tool to get to most of them easily? So, why do not spend time in developing a campaign to reach their expectations? I will show you some statistics about them and then you can realize if it worth for...

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Have you ever been wondering how to make a video for your business? Did you know that it is easier than you think? Well, you just have to follow some rules, be dedicated and be as creative as Matt Groening, Steven Spielberg or Walt Disney – just kidding – obviously, the most important thing is that you create quality content -this content has less than 10 seconds...

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