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Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Defining a strategy to take advantage of the growing opportunities for Digital Marketing is the first thing business, companies and organizations have done to achieve their goals. So, how should we start? Firstly, it is quite important to know the meaning of Digital Marketing Strategy. (Read also: video marketing is The Key) Assuming some readers still do not know, we can briefly say that it is a plan created to reach an objective (It can involve multiple ones, but it depends on how big the business is) which in general will strengthen and generate more income for a business.


Build a buyer persona


To understand the market, professionals usually have done it through a pool of deep research, interviewing and surveying the target’s audience (customers, prospects, people outdoors) with the purpose of creating the profile of a buyer persona. But, what kind of information you should gather from the target? Well, it depends on your business, it will vary if the target is a company or people. Some qualitative information you may need to know are the common problems that need to be solved, which goals wants the target to be accomplished, its priorities or the hobbies or interests that might have. On the other hand, we have the quantitative information where you are going to define the age, title, income, location or even sex for example.


Identify your objectives and a way to measure its accomplishment


The aim of the company is totally linked to the specific objectives of the digital marketing strategy, so they have to be proposed in order to achieve the annual goals. It is essential to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of them, for example, the quantity of new leads per month, the presents sold on the online store per week, etc. –If the company have a Quality Management System (QMS) implemented, this measure is managed as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-.


Choose the right marketing channel and evaluate the existing ones


A marketing channel is a way where products and services get to the consumer. As the blog talks about a Digital Marketing Strategy, it will be focused on the online presence which is the Internet (websites/blogs, social networks, Email, Ads) and it is aimed to generate the most remarkable benefit for the business, a word of mouth. (Read also: how important is being online?) Firstly, you have to verify the SEO on your website and check if it updated, if it has the right keywords, if the robot.txt file and sitemap.xml are working and finally if it is oriented to your market. In addition, keep posting relevant information on your blog if you have one –Remember that as long as you improve the SEO on your website, it will get a better ranked and would be easier to find when is searched on Google, Bing or Yahoo-. Secondly, take advantage of your followers on your social networks to spread your content, ask your collaborators if they are related to the target to share them as well. Thirdly, an email campaign can work, but you have to pay attention to the subject, the number of words of the message and the purpose of it. Lastly, advertise. It is the fastest way to get to your target, you can do it on Google, Yahoo or Bing (SEM) or through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) but remember that not all of them will fit your market, so that is why you have to choose the right one depending on the information you can get from your buying persona.


Create an outstanding content


Your content can be an image or a video (Animated, VR, 360, AR), but has to be creative. The book “Imagineering Workout” by Disney Institute has given these recommendations to stimulate your team creativity

  • Face the risk developing new ideas
  • Do not hesitate to get panic
  • Squeeze information from any source you can imagine until your brain is overloaded
  • Relax and have fun doing the things you love
  • Sleep well will make you feel comfortable
  • Let your ideas fly
  • Carry a notebook to do not miss any thought

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Post it and audit it


Once you have decided on which channel to upload your post, there are a lot of ways to measure how effective it is, every social network has its own statistics tools, even there are plugins for every content management system (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla) and if you do not like any of those, you can always use Google Analytics. This audit process will help you to understand if it has been working as you wanted and how can help to continue improving the digital marketing strategy of the organization.

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The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see values and information that you still do not expect:


digital marketing strategy infographic

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