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Is it time to move to virtual reality?

virtual reality infographic

Have you thought about if it is time to invest in virtual reality (VR) production or the advantages and disadvantages of it? I will start saying that big companies such as Google, Sony, HTC, and Microsoft have made a big effort decreasing the price of VR mobile and gaming devices, and in addition, improving their quality in their technical specs and physical appearance to look more attractive to everybody.


The devices used to experience virtual reality can vary from $8 to $600 USD. For example, Google developed an affordable, fun and simple headset made of cardboard to experience VR. They are just a simple piece of customizable cardboard and a couple of optical lenses. Its price can vary between $8 to $40 USD and you can get them right on their website, also you can easily get content to watch on YouTube thanks to its large library. -Global research interest for VR on Google has grown by nearly 4X during the last few years-. Samsung has The VR Gear Headset starting at $30 USD (remanufactured), then Sony and Microsoft with PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift from $350 and $400 USD respectively, and lastly the most expensive but most exceptional is the HTC VIVE for $600 USD.


According to GE’s global chief marketing officer Linda Boff, brands (companies, SMBs) and users (prospects, clients) will be intimately connected by virtual reality, which will potentially revolutionize marketing. It takes 360-degree video experience a step further by adding depth and creating a feeling of immersion. People can explore new worlds, just like Game of Thrones fanatics did by traveling in an exhibition called “Ascend the Wall”. Similarly, some Universities have recreated their campuses virtually, to catch the attention of foreign students. Big companies have been producing videos to be reproduced in virtual reality, from a story-telling to test drives, so it would be really impressive if SMBs can invest in the creation of one, starting from a 360 video to immerse their clients in their new stores or promoting vacations transporting people to astonishing places.  (Read also: how to make a video for your business?)


Finally, we know soon VR devices will be more affordable with further advancements in technology and competition. Thus, it will be easier to create interaction as is done currently for gaming, where you can reach, hold, touch and hit elements from the virtual environment. It will definitely be amusing for everyone.


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see this valuable information you don’t expect to see:

is it time to move to virtual reality?- infographic

Ivan Hernandez
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