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How much money you should spend on a photography project

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How much money you should spend on a photography project

Have you ever wondered the right price of a photography project for your business or how much you should pay for a single photo -despite how big your company is-? Well, you will find different prices from the cheapest to the most expensive one which most of us cannot afford, or at least are out of the range for me.

It is so amazing how worthy a photograph can be. I am still astonished by the price of Rhein II, which was bought by a collector for more than 4 million dollars. A kid might say that is just a panoramic photo that you could have taken with your mobile phone.

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Rhein II by Andreas Gursky, 1999

Rhein II by Andreas Gursky, 1999

To know how valuable a photo can be it’s necessary to understand why photography is so important in our lives, for businesses and the role it plays in the market.

People like you or me can be easily engaged with a good, meaningful and bright photo because we are always expecting to see something new.

We could feel seduced with the shape of a woman, a man, the color of a product and inherently to the composition of the photograph. So, it is important to know that if you want quality in your project, make it catchy and relevant, you need to hire professionals.


I made a deep research to know how much people are paying in relation to the quality of the photograph produced.

This is a price rank between quality and price from someone who is hobbyist to a top-talented professional.


1 – Unprofessional – Hobbyist


Do it by yourself using your phone’s camera or maybe you are lucky and you can hire a friend who has a cool looking Instagram profile.

It will be so cheap that it is likely to be free or in the worst case you might pay 30 USD, but do not expect good results, because they will look sloppy and can erode credibility.


2- Basic – Amateur


Requires a hobbyist with at least basic knowledge in selling their imagery such as some Instagrammers who do a good job with their phone’s camera.

It will be obviously inexpensive and affordable for everybody.


3 – Student – Semi-pro


Working with students is cool because they are open to try their learned techniques or try new ones.

The problem is that there will be a wide variation in quality, some of them still do not have the eye of a good photographer and can spend a lot of time doing some shoots, while setting the equipment.

It is necessary to measure the relation of cost/benefit.


4 – Professional


Requires a photographer who has experience, knows how to take photos at a studio and/or obviously has one.

I totally recommend them for business which wants to show their collaborators, services, products or itself physically.

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5 – Premium – Top professional


Requires top-level talent from the elite group, high-end tools and more time to the mix to elevate a professional production to something exceptional. They take a time to develop their ideas.

Every second they spend is in order to create a magnificent work, and the truth is that they are beyond our reach as small businesses in terms of budget, but we can see their work when is exposed to be remarkable art.

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If you still think it might be expensive, think about the next topics that are involved in producing a photo project: Corporate photo Production Expertise – Concept/Storyboard – Editing/Graphics – Models/Places/Objects – Camera– Equipment – Locations and production time – Studio shooting – Digitizing/transfers/loading – Quantity of photos– Miscellaneous fees – Other Costs. So, the conclusion is: if you want a photography project to be of value, you will have to pay for it, otherwise once shared and exposed you will only get minimum traction and maybe 2 likes on Instagram that come from your parents.


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see this valuable information you don’t expect to see:


how much to pay for a photograph infographic

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