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How important is being online, having your own website?

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Many businesses are still hidden in the dark and their owners have not realized the importance of being online and have their own and well design website, so I decided to do a research to show them and show you how is moving the actual market around the world and what they can get.


Have you thought how many users are online right now? Well, according to Internet World Stats, there are around 3.7 billion active users online, where half of them are Asian and the other half is divided among Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Oceania –the last one has almost just 1% of users-. So, if your business is located in Chicago for example and you want to expand it around the country and get new customers, you have to start to think that there is a huge world online and that just in North America there are 320 million of users who can be reached –Obviously the number of people will decrease once you have chosen your target, but even so, there are many that can know you through your website-.


The Internet penetration is North America is the highest one with an 88.1% of its population, that means that is easy for companies to get to their clients or prospects constantly, generating a better communication -being more social-. So, why do not take advantage of these facts to upload a brand new website? In every part of the world the penetration is increasing or at least in the process, South America has almost 60% of its population online, Europe and Oceania 76% and 68% respectively.


Let’s imagine that you have decided to get a website, so the most important thing nowadays is that you have to get a responsive one, which means that it changes its size to look great on mobile devices. Maybe if you do not know, but in developed Nations in telecommunications such as South Korea, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Singapore or UAE, they have a mobile internet penetration beyond the 80% and unexpectedly the US has only a 57%. (Read also: How much money should I spend on video content?)


Here comes the most valuable about being online and is that the number of active internet users has been increasing by a rate of 10% since 2015 and active mobile social users by a rate of 17% (283 million of persons). The behavior is fantastic and the average (50%) make an online research of a product or a service in order to make a decision, supporting the fact that most of them purchase the product online. B2C has increased significantly from 2011 in North America by 77%, South America by 82%, Central & Eastern Pacific by 122% and amusing Middle East & Africa by 215%. So why are you still wasting time thinking if it is valuable or not being online and have your own website, think about how much your company can grow, how much money you can get and how you can improve the communications with your clients.


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see values and information that you still do not expect:

being online, infographic

Ivan Hernandez
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