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Video testimonials, have you heard how important they are?

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Video testimonials are one of the most effective tactics to influence prospects or potential customers to buy or get a service or product. In one of my recent blog entries (Video marketing is The Key in 2017), one of our readers commented “It seems like any time I’m looking for information about a company or product these days, I turn to YouTube before anything else. There’s something about seeing a product in action or a real person talking about it that really sells, Josh Risser”,  as you can see, people are watching videos to know and learn more about companies, services and products in order to make a decision, so why do not invest on it?


Marketers are using video testimonials in more than 90% and posting them on Youtube and Facebook to spread their brand opinion all over The Internet –obviously just positive ones-. Big companies even post videos of their personal to show how happy they feel working there –despite go out too late or be pressured at any time-, how much they have reached their expectations and how great their quality of life have improved. Those testimonials make you wonder if you could have a chance to work there.


You will always watch smiling and grateful people that immediately create an emotional connection with the viewer, and lead them to be part of something –it is psychological-. Just imagine a confident girl talking about a product that she has been using a long time ago and talks about how her life has positively changed, or imagine a businessman who was down and lost his fortune, but with an idea that was supported by a special service company, his life immediately change and get back all his stuff again. What do you think would happen to the viewer? They will feel fascinated by the product or the service company and will find the way to reach it because they are or were in the same position.


In conclusion and as I said before, video testimonials can influence people and increase their trust in more than 80% without a previous interest in acquiring a service or a product, so what would you think if the recommendation is made by a relative or a personal contact? Would it mind? Do you think it would create a need for you?  All these interesting questions pop up after an analysis of human behavior and are gold for marketing experts who are constantly looking the way to take advantage of them.


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see values and information that you still do not expect:

video testimonials, infographic

Ivan Hernandez
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