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What Viral Videos have in common or what do I need to produce one?

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What Viral Videos have in common or what do I need to produce one?

Youtube has become the most popular video online platform and has helped to spread videos around the world, some of them become a viral –whether are bad, good, sad, happy (whatever you want to classified them), for example “Sad Affleck” or “Grumpy sister” -, others are lost and some are still unknown, but still have the opportunity to be a viral video.


A short video may take just few hours to become viral and make famous a brand, a person, a thing or even an action like “Ice Bucket Challenge”. Business and big companies have found that videos are the best option to launch their products or services –it can increase sales in more than 500% like happened with Blentec-, and are taking advantage of them, to get to all over the world and finally to the right target.


There are not steps or instructions to make a viral video. There is not a receipt to produce a successful one and there is not a magic trick or incantation to make it globally known, but there are things that they all have in common that I will explain you shortly.


  1. Viral videos are short, they are around 2 minutes longer, because they do not need too much time to impact the viewer and obviously most of them are in high definition.
  2. Their keywords match perfectly, so, use them for the title and the description, remember that they are very important if you want to be easily found through internet.
  3. They are on every online platform, so, if you want your video being watched, do not hesitate to promote it on your social networks, think of those millions of viewers that can be reached and those millions of prospects that can be yours.
  4. They are public and in order to make them that, do not spend time in privacy policies and let the people replicate, share, comment and like or dislike it.
  5. All of them are unique, so, bring to life that original idea that is still on your mind


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Also it has links to the most famous viral videos that were produced to increase sales. Take a moment to see values and information that you still do not expect:

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Ivan Hernandez
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