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Are Millennials my target? Should I invest in video?

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Everybody has heard about millennials, but did you know that nowadays they are the biggest video online consumers and that you can use video as a tool to get to most of them easily? So, why do not spend time in developing a campaign to reach their expectations? I will show you some statistics about them and then you can realize if it worth for your business or not.


If you want to gain more income and your target is this generation, you should do it through video content. It is the showcase of your business online and accessible for everybody. This first quarter year millennials have spent more than $200 billion USD and specialists have affirmed that in their whole lifetime will spend more than $10 trillion USD.


Producing a video is easy (see How to make your own video post) and once it is online, and it focused on millennials, you will see how far you can go and how exciting is seeing your billing accounts grow. So, the question is, how do I reach them and what are my probabilities to sell my services or my products? To answer this question I will give you three different situations starting from email marketing where you have to announce and include videos; more than a half of millennials prefer to watch an entire video and are more likely to open the email if the subject explicit says “video”.


Social networks are the best place to find millennials, they are spending most of the time surfing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Most of them are on Facebook posting, sharing and replying videos –so, why do not create a video that could become viral?-. All these networks are leading the online consumption because they provide to companies the easiest way to get to a target, just by using their mobile phones, phablets or tablets. Just think that half of millennials are outside their places connected watching videos that eventually can give them the idea of getting a service or a product -Remember that they do not like promotions, they love to see and hear a story behind everything-.


If you have a store online it will be easier for you to catch their attention –they are online shoppers– but remember to use videos because millennials find them helpful for a purchasing decision. You can upload a testimonial video and I assure you that they will feel more comfortable to get the product or service.


The next infographic -designed by Diego Rodriguez and edited by me, Ivan Hernandez– shows fact details in a friendly description of what I said. Take a moment to see values and information that you still do not expect:


video for millennials, infographic

Ivan Hernandez
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