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Video Production

Video is the most effective way to show your audience why they should do business with you and yields the highest ROI


We create images that generate interest and capture attention. We do food, portrait, sports, fashion and HDR photography

Web Design

We build sites for small and mid-sized businesses with the most popular content manager out there, WordPress

Graphic Design

Typography, color, graphic elements are each an art form in themselves and we are able to combine them in a harmonious way to exalt your brand

A Digital Media Production Agency

Dremex is a Digital Media Production Agency located in Fort Lauderdale serving South Florida and the US. We specialize in original content creation, video, photography, websites, and graphics. We work one-on-one with clients to develop and execute highly dynamic websites that integrate social media, video marketing strategies designed to increase brand awareness, advocates, and prospects while elevating online presence on platforms, as well as original photos that are creative, unique and represent your brand, your company.

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What Our Clients Say

Bound to succeed


The Growth And Success Of Your Business Is Important To Us

Our main objective is helping you grow your business through original content creation, create lasting interactions with your customers and drive community awareness, we mainly succeed at doing this by creating engaging video content. We are committed to helping you achieve and surpass your goals. We will paint a masterpiece one stroke at a time.

Let's Grow It

Why Dremex?

Because your success is a joint effort, we achieve it together, we celebrate it together

Simply because we love what we do, we understand small & mid-sized businesses (we are one too), we are creative at doing videos, photos, graphics and websites, plus we offer one-on-one customer attention.


What are your credentials and track record?

More than 18 years of experience in digital marketing & business analysis

Our team members come from working with Fortune 500 companies (like Caterpillar, StateFarm, McDonalds, Clorox and more) over more than 18 years which gives us the edge, knowledge and the know-how to embark with smaller-sized businesses but with same big goals as these giant companies.


How do small businesses choose a company to design their website? Video? Photos? Logo?

Look for testimonials, portfolio and meet with the company

First look at the company's site, presentation is key; first impressions matter. For each of these items is good to look at the company's portfolio and customer testimonials.


How much does it cost to do a video?

This is one of the questions we get asked the most.

Videos are an elaborate composition, thus pricing might seem to vary a lot. We created an entire article to give you a better idea of the price tag and budget you might want to have in mind to do a video. Click the button below to read about video pricing.

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Our People

We are more than an agency. We are entrepreneurs, community leaders, and business owners like you.

Creativity and Rationale - The Basis Forward Thinking

We focus on creating QUALITY content, videos, photos, graphics, and websites that yield results

Let's Meet About Us

What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s transform your business into an intelligent business. Let’s unleash the power of creative thinking and logical decision making. Let’s take your business to the next level

Make a difference

Grow your business

Increase awareness

Be Intelligent

Reduce your costs

Be efficient


Our Process, Your Success Path


Listen and sketch your business's goals and objectives


Draft a strategy that is tailored to achieve your goals


Execute delivering quality media

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